We ask you to read the terms of use of the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace carefully. The terms of use are intended for both the flower shop and its consumers.


With these terms of use, we want to protect both the flower shops and their customers. We wish both parties smooth transactions on Kukatkotiin.fi

For Flower shops

1.      Purpose of the Agreement and Parties


Agreement between the supplier of the Flowers Kotiin.fi service (“Supplier”) and the flower shop (“Merchant”). The purpose of the agreement is to agree on the rules and conditions for using the Kukatkotiin.fi service/platform. It is important for us to keep this agreement's content very simple and comprehensive enough, taking into account both parties.

The parties of the agreement are the Kukatkotiin.fi supplier, which enables the retailer to sell its products online on the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace platform. The merchant will have access to the merchant IDs of their flower shop in order to use the platform.


2.      Costs


No registration fees or other monthly membership fees are required for a flower shop to utilise the marketplace. The flower shop is obliged to pay the supplier only a 10% commission on its own sales. This transfer of the commission takes place automatically by Paytrail Oy, which acts as the site's payment processor.

3.      Billing


The merchant has the option to choose their own billing cycle from their own Paytrail Panel service. We recommend the following options for the merchant:

  • once a week: billing is calculated every Monday 
  • twice a month: billing on the 1st and 15th

4.      Support Services and Supplier Responsibility


The supplier is responsible for making sure that the functionality of the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace and offers support and instructions for its use. The supplier has the right to develop and update the marketplace platform. The supplier maintains data security and data protection. The supplier's support services also include the marketing of the Kukatkotiin.fi platform, e.g., On Google and social media. Both parties are responsible for their marketing and its accuracy. The Supplier shall not be liable in any way for sales or related liabilities to third parties for which the Merchant is responsible.  

5.      The responsibility of the flower shop


The merchant is responsible for its online store and its sales in the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace. The merchant is responsible for and takes care of the customer service of its online store. The Merchant delivers orders as agreed, is responsible for the quality of deliveries and is fully responsible for complaints. The products and other services sold in the merchant's online store are reliable, informative and suitable in the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace.


6.      Merchant's user rights on the marketplace


The merchant receives user rights from the supplier, a username and a password. Merchant IDs allow the merchant to manage their own online store. Usernames and passwords are only used by those responsible for managing the online store in the marketplace. Suppose the rights are misused or handed over to other third parties. In that case, the supplier has permission to close the online store and completely remove the flower shop from the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace.


7.      Validity and termination of the agreement

The agreement is valid until further notice. The Merchant may terminate the Agreement without notice. However, it is a requirement that the Merchant has fulfilled the ordering obligations and the obligations of this Agreement received during the time agreement is valid.

The Supplier has the right to terminate this agreement if the Merchant violates the terms of the agreement or causes damage to the Kukatkotiin.fi brand and website through its actions. It is of high importance to remember that the good reputation of the site serves both the parties to the contract and the customers. 



1.      General information about the ordering and delivery terms of the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace

  • Ordering does not require registration.
  • The order is the responsibility of the flower shop where the order was placed.
  • The flower shop defines its own products, delivery areas and related delivery and pick-up times.
  • While ordering from the marketplace, the customer can indicate the special requests related to delivery and the order, which the flower shop strives to fulfil to the best of his ability.

  • Seasonal sales are generally the busiest times in the flower industry. During these times, delivery delays and human error and errors may occur more easily. The customer must take this into account.

  • Pick-ups of the order are directed to the pick-up point indicated by the flower shop.

  • The customer must indicate any door code or any other special attention related to the order. Comments are addressed to the flower shop to whom the order has been placed. It is the customer's responsibility to add any comments related to the order.

  • If a delivery party has difficulties contacting the recipient or the recipient is not present, the order can be left at the door or next door.

  • The order will be returned to the flower shop if the above options are not possible at the delivery address, taking into account the weather conditions.
  • Delivery of the order includes one delivery price, which means that the delivery price is determined by one declared delivery place, which corresponds to the delivery area of ​​the flower shop.
  • The flower shop delivers the order based on the information provided by the customer in the order.

2.      Product images and realisation

  • Product images are indicative images of products made from seasonal flowers. However, the flower shop strives to implement the product as close as possible to the product image.

  • The appearance of the flower shop products/bouquets may vary according to the seasons, which may also affect the product's dimensions and the material used in the products.

  • The flower shop wants to serve you in the best possible way, using their professional skills and expertise to your advantage.

3.      Right of order cancellations and complaint

  • The right to cancel the order under the Consumer Protection Act does not apply to easily obsolete/expired products. 

  • Faulty orders or dissatisfaction with it must be reported to the flower shop or retailer within two days. Flawed products must be reported to the flower shop or retailer with clear pictures.

  • The two-day right of cancellation is calculated from the moment the customer or recipient has received the product.

  • Cancellations and product refunds will be made by the flower shop to whom the order has been placed.

4.      Technical problems or challenges

  • In case of a technical problem or payment problems, please send an e-mail to info@kukatkotiin.fi.

  • The maintenance team of the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace will strive to clarify and correct problem areas as soon as possible.

Payment methods

We use the payment services offered by Paytrail.com, which are: bank payments, credit card payments and mobile payment methods. You can find the payment options we use via the following link:

Paytrail.com payment terms