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Who are we? What are we doing?

We are a small family business whose story began with starting our own flower shop a few years ago. We have been involved in the flower industry for a long time, and our experience here inspired us to create a new channel for buying and selling flowers. Considering the changing world and the new ways of how many businesses are operating and enabling secure transactions, we wanted to create a unique and modern marketplace is a versatile and easy-to-use marketplace for both florists/flower shops and online flower buyers. The service has taken into account the wishes of flower shops and created a flexible and customizable marketplace that can easily be made to look like its own. Ordering flowers for your home or loved ones is easy and convenient. Transactions in the marketplace do not require registration from online flower buyers, and there are versatile payment methods used for the buyers (Ordering instructions here).


Our team includes experts from various industries such as flower, marketing and IT, and we believe that all of them have played an important role in creating the best possible marketplace we could do. It is important that our customers receive the required support, assistance and a comfortable experience while using the online store.