What is Kukatkotiin.fi?

We’ve created a marketplace for florists that can be easily customized to look like their own. You can sell your products online in the marketplace and enable customers to make easy and comfortable transactions with flower purchases.

Why Kukatkotiin.fi?

Kukatkotiin.fi is a versatile and easy-to-use marketplace for both florists and online flower buyers. Altogether, we have invested in the elegance of e-commerce and a modern e-commerce platform. We are constantly developing the Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace, and we want to continue doing it with you through continuous cooperation.

More information:

  • No registration fees - and no other monthly membership fees only and only 10% commission from your sales, which is transferred to the supplier of the Kukatkotiin.fi page.
  • Flower shops can select their billing cycle via the Paytrail Panel. Paytrail.com acts as the site's payment processor. 
  • Continuous marketing of the Kukatkotiin.fi website through various channels. Marketing is done by the site’s editors. 
  • The Kukatkotiin.fi marketplace is usable from different mobile devices.
  • You can easily create your product discounts and promotions for your customers.
  • We provide full support on features related to Marketplace, including training if/when needed.


Registration phases:

A. Fill the registration form and read the terms of usage of the site.

B. You will receive an e-mail with additional instructions from us and a link from Paytrail with your user IDs to manage your financials independently.

C. Fill in the necessary information to set up and customize your online store. Congratulations, you are ready to sell!


If you have any challenges, our team is here to help you move forward; no worries!

Do you want to join Kukatkotiin.fi and sell your products on our marketplace? Start by registering!